All about the Downy Ball

How to use Downy

All about the Downy Ball

The Downy Ball is designed to release Ultra Downy at the beginning of the rinse cycle. It’s a simple little device, but what a difference it will make to your routine!

Top-Load Machines

Using fabric softener in your top-loading machine is easy. And with the Downy Ball, our automatic dispenser, it’s more convenient than ever. 

Do you own a Downy Ball?

Using the Downy Ball fabric softener dispenser is a great way to get results from your fabric softener while simplifying your laundry routine.  It’s softness made simple!

To use the Downy Ball, follow these simple steps:

•    First measure your fabric softener as directed on the back label of the bottle. Then pour into the Downy Ball.

•    Next, pull the ring tightly to close the lid.

•    Then, simply toss the ball on top of your clothes, at the same time you add detergent.

You can find the Downy Ball in the laundry aisle of your favorite retailers, or buy it online at

Automatic dispensers make using fabric softener easier, but before you invest in one, check to see if your machine comes with one:

Many of the newer top-loading machines come equipped with a built-in fabric softener dispenser - you can recognize it by the cap-like device in the central column.  Simply add fabric softener right into this cap at the beginning of each load, the same time you add detergent.  During the wash, the water level will only reach that high during the rinse cycle, at the precise point fabric softener should be added to your wash. It’s that simple.  If your machine doesn’t contain a dispenser, you can still add Downy fabric softener by hand.

Here’s how to use fabric softener in top-loading machines without a built-in fabric softener dispenser:

  1. To start, measure out the correct amount. Your Ultra Downy bottle has fill lines right on the cap—just like your detergent—for medium, large, and extra large loads.
  2. Next, wait for your wash to reach the rinse cycle. This is important; otherwise, your detergent will clean away much of your softener.  Some machines will make a noise to alert you. Others you’ll know by the dial. Check with your machine manufacturer if you have questions.
  3. When adding fabric softener to your machine, try to avoid direct contact with fabrics to help prevent stains. Instead, pour into the deeper pockets of water.
  4. In the wash, Downy softeners infuse your fabrics so they feel smoother and softer to the touch. They also help neutralize the negatively charged particles in scratchy fabrics that cause static cling.

And in addition to freshening, many Ultra Downy scents release Renewing Scent Pearls into fabrics for fresh bursts of fragrance that last beyond laundry day.

Front-Load Machines

Traditionally, people waited patiently by their machines to add fabric softener during the rinse cycle, by hand.  But with today’s front-loading washers, you have a built-in, automatic dispenser. Adding fabric softener is just as easy as adding detergent! And in case you were wondering, Downy is 100% HE compatible and safe for all washers.

Here’s how to use fabric softener in front-loading machines:

  1. At the start of each load, measure out the right amount of fabric softener. Your Ultra Downy bottle has 3 fill lines right on the cap.  For front-loading machines, use the middle line for medium loads and the upper line for large loads.
  2. Next, locate your fabric softener dispenser tray. In most front-loading machines, that’s near where you add in detergent and bleach. But all machines are different, so be sure to check labels carefully.  If you were previously a Downy Ball user with your old machine, be sure NOT to use it in your front-loading machine. In fact, you shouldn’t use any separate dispensers in your new washer unless your use & care guide recommends them.
  3. Once you’ve added your detergent and fabric softener, close the tray and begin the load.
  4. During the rinse cycle, your machine will wash water up into the dispenser. Fabric softener is then released, mixing in with the load.
  5. In the wash, Downy softeners infuse your fabrics so they feel smoother and softer to the touch. They also help neutralize the negatively charged particles in scratchy fabrics that cause static cling.

And that’s all it takes! Just add Downy fabric softener in, sit back, and wait for fresh, wonderfully soft fabrics with less static and fewer wrinkles.

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