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Posted by Margaret (Parent) on January 2, 2013 Tags: ducks ladybugs green
Thaddeus was born with several heart defects. He was born with a team of Drs waiting for him and immediately whisked away to the recessitation room and then to NICU. At 5 days old, Thaddeus underwent a 13 hour open heart surgery. When he woke up in PICU he was laying on his quilt. Unfortunately due to complications and the amount of repairs inside his heart Thaddeus entered complete heart block and required surgery again for a permenant pacemaker. Due to all the cords and IVs as well as his pain level and incision, we only held Thaddeus once from when he was born till the time he was 3 weeks old. It meant so much to us that he was surrounded by a quilt lovingly made for him in that time. You can not imagine how comforting it is to have someting special in a hospital environment and how much it means to have the reminder of what you have come through after. To the quilter, Thank you.Thaddeus still uses his quilt. He is currently in heart failure from pacemaker induced cardiomyopathy and is in and out of the hospital, each time with his special quilt.
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