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How To Use Downy Wrinkle Guard Fabric Softeners

Upgrade your wrinkle-fighting tactics with Downy WrinkleGuard. Its breakthrough, anti-wrinkle formula penetrates the fibers of fabric, softening and relaxing them to help keep wrinkles from forming in clothes. Give your clothes improved softness, freshness, flexibility and resiliency, while still protecting them from stretching, fading and fuzz.

How to Use WrinkleGuardicon

For best results, follow these simple steps:

1. Sort clothes into small loads
2. Add a capful to fabric softener drawer
3. Pour in your favorite detergent
4. Wash and promptly remove from machine
5. Smooth by drying for 10-15 minutes
6. Snap, then hang to dry

Keep the Anti-Wrinkle routine going

Help prevent out-of-the-dryer wrinkles by tossing WrinkleGuard Dryer Sheets into the dryer. They have 3X the wrinkle-fighting power of a normal dryer sheet.

Need a last-minute touch-up?

Simply spray Wrinkle Releaser Spray and smooth with your hands for on-the-go wrinkle release without an iron or a steamer.

A breakthrough way to ditch the wrinkles

It took over 14 years and more than 30 scientists to make a wrinkle-fighting product fit for your wardrobe. But after numerous tests and years in development, Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray is finally here to bring you the best of the best in anti-wrinkle technology. Patented and revolutionary, Downy WrinkleGuard penetrates and relaxes individual fabric fibers, providing all-day in-wear wrinkle prevention. Which means you can sit, squat, and run around all day without worrying about wrinkles!

Did you know?

It took 14 years of technology and research to make your favorite Downy WrinkleGuard.

30 research & development scientists were involved in the making of Downy WrinkleGuard.

WrinkleGuard has 7 wrinkle fighting patents which makes it the best of the best in anti-wrinkle technology.